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MisRed: “I Represent A Woman Who Has Made Mistakes”

The forthright media darling never shies away from her witty and sharp input, whether political or otherwise, publicly defending her beliefs...

The forthright media darling never shies away from her witty and sharp input, whether political or otherwise, publicly defending her beliefs. 

Beyond the undue censure, she declares to stay in the game, longer. “I love radio. They call it the theatre of the mind,” declared Samantha Musa aka MisRed. 

“Unlike TV which is great, but there is nothing for one’s imagination, with radio, you need to put a lot of effort to create that picture for the listener.”

On December 2, MisRed to her flocks tweeted, “Call me Miss Musa”. Her tweet was anchored by an equable pose in a black and white outfit. Her post ignited an avalanche of trolls bombarding her.

“Musa-tanist (a Satanist), one reader remarked. The Black Fish said, “Miss Musa-sa-sikamu (mentally disturbed person)”. Someone came to her defence saying, “This is what happens when your wife is not as hot as MisRed.” 

Unfazed, she sent another post the following day appreciating corporates supporting the arts industry. In her domain, MisRed has created a buffer to absorb the negative energy that is often associated with her profession. 

This negativity began early in her life when she endured abuse in her first marriage. 
Samtha Musa aka MisRed
Today, she is a champion of the oppressed. “I represent a woman who has made mistakes, but still can become better and do better and excel in life.” 

Her entrance into the limelight was in 2012 as a radio presenter at ZiFM Stereo as a drive time co-host. A gig as a voice-over artist had opened doors for her in South Africa. 

“I met a guy who told me that he loved my voice and I thought it was one of those tricks men use to woo women,” she said, adding she assumed the man wanted to pimp her. 

“He went and told his friend who made a follow-up. They called me to their studio where I got a job instantly.”

Back home, she had the audacity to walk into the studio to submit her demo without an appointment. Since then she has never looked back, becoming bold to make it in her chosen profession. 

She has showcased her voice on the international scene at the Lake of Stars and MTV Africa Music Awards.

International trends have become part of her daily life. She once posed with a protruding baby bump to reveal her second pregnancy, stances reserved for megastars in the league of Beyoncé and her peers. 

She duly captioned the image, “Birth takes a woman’s deepest fears about herself and shows her that she is stronger than those fears.”

The moniker MisRed came via a lipstick episode. “When I stopped wearing the lipstick, my friends said I was mis-read as in misunderstood and it stuck from then on,” she stated to the media.  

Her exposure on the world stage has translated her into a media authority. “All people think that Trey Songz is the most charming person on earth. My experience with him is that he is full of himself as he thinks everyone wants a piece of him.”

MisRed believes Zimbabwe still lags behind South Africa in the arts industry. “Our hearts as Zimbabweans are in the right place, but we’re very far.” 

“For instance rehearsals for the MTV Africa Music Awards were held over two days, ours were held a day before. Maybe it was because of financial constraints but we’re worlds apart.”

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