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Way Maker: How, Why Sinach Wrote the Song

As a child, Sinach dreamt of singing to large crowds. Then, she was not an active musician, and only sang in the church choir. By then, she ...

As a child, Sinach dreamt of singing to large crowds. Then, she was not an active musician, and only sang in the church choir.

By then, she had written many songs, but her initial album Chapter One was released in 2008. The song “This Is Your Season” won the Song of the Year award in 2008. 

Seven years later, it was time for the big one. “As I have said before, this song was born from the Spirit and it is soaring on the wings of the Holy Ghost. It is a song for the now,” Sinach revealed in 2015 when the hit “Way Maker” was released. 

“I am grateful to everyone who has supported us, the churches, the ministers who have taken this song to the ends of the earth, and the many people it continues to be a blessing to.”

Two covers of the song by Michael Smith and Leeland were featured in the top 10 Hot Christian Songs chart. Billboard said it was the first time in the history of the category to have two versions of the same song making it to the top 10.

Her record label called her song a special moment in history. “It is obvious that this is a special song for this moment in history, and the fact that this song emerged from Africa makes it all the more compelling and to be celebrated.”
Sinach The Way Maker Songwriter 
In the US, it became a rallying point during prayer vigil protests by Christians after George Floyd’s death. The response has given Sinach joy, adding the song was not about her. 

“The joy of a writer is that when you write a song, the whole world will sing it because the song is not about you,” she told Nigerian media. 

“If the song goes ahead of you to announce you before you even show up, that means the song is successful.”

But what was on her mind when she penned the hit song. “Way Maker was written when I was facing a challenge and it became a source of encouragement,” she revealed to The Guardian Life. 

“It is encouraging to see how my songs have become impactful in the lives of many who listen to me,” she adds. The result has been incredible, impacting millions of lives.

For 30 years, Sinach born Osinachi Kalu Okoro has been penning anointed songs from her heart, recording her experiences with God. 

Her musical genius has delivered hope, encouragement, and uplifting faith to millions of listeners. Her global influence earned her recognition among the top 100 reputable persons on earth.

With several hit songs under her name, including “Way Maker” translated into more than 50 languages across the globe Sinach is becoming a gospel genre icon. 

 The video has garnered more than 100 million views on the video platform YouTube, currently the second most watched Nigerian visual. Her song has been reworked by multiple artistes such as Michael W. Smith, Darlene Zschech, Hillsong, and Leeland.

She became the first African singer to top the Billboard Christian Songwriters chart. It further won the Dove Award for Song of the Year at the 51st GMA Dove Awards in the United States, becoming the first Nigerian artiste to achieve such a landmark.

Her secret to success is serving the Lord. “I have been serving for over 30 years at my local church. The secret is in service,” she revealed. “Continue to serve, have hope and God will make a way for you”

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