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Bounty Lisa: “Separation is Only a Distance”

The passing on of Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa's ex-husband still haunts her.  “Since yesterday, I was waiting n hoping for people to say ...

The passing on of Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa's ex-husband still haunts her. 

“Since yesterday, I was waiting n hoping for people to say this is fake news. I still can’t accept this and I also can’t believe this is GOODBYE,” she wrote. 

By @Comic24Derick

She went down memory lane. 

“We’ve been through thick and thin and we had our differences but we never cared about being perfect for each other. We never cared who what when why, it was love over everything and everyone. Ups and Downs but we kept going up still.”

Though they two were divorced, she still had a soft spot for him. 

“Separation is only a distance to us but our souls n memories are always gonna be together. I will never accept you gone. Music was your soul and will live forever in the ears of this generation and the next and the next,” she added.
Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa 
The leading female dancehall chanter described the late Soul Jah Love as her inspiration. The former showbiz couple met at the popular Chill Spot Records at Matapi Flats in Mbare. 

Their related poor backgrounds brought them closer, and it reportedly brought happiness to their music careers.

A year later, the two got married. “I had nothing but music and love to keep me going. My queen, Bounty, showed me, unconditional love. She would visit me and talk to me about life, giving me hope that there was something to live for,” Soul Jah Love said to the media then.

The two became an item, featuring at live performances together. Their affair became sour, leading to divorce but they remained friends, with tattoos of each other engraved on their respective bodies. Born Lynette Lisa Musenyi, she is known for her song “Basa Rangu”.

Their seesaw relationship concluded after five years when Soul Jah Love accused her of being impregnated by another man. “He started assaulting me with his hands. I initially tried to defend myself fearing he would hurt me until my nails broke,” Bounty Lisa recounted then.

The chanter is inspired by Jamaican reggae artist Bounty Killer, which inspired her to inherit the moniker Bounty Lisa. 

Together with other female dancehall musicians, including Lady Squanda, Empress Shelly and Ninja Lipsy. One of her popular songs “Wandipengesa” featuring Soul Jah Love was an expression of their burning love, then.

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