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Holy Ten: Rapper's Stage Name Explained

Holy Ten's name has been misunderstood but the rapper says it is meant to attract people’s attention. “Holy Ten is random. I was called ...

Holy Ten's name has been misunderstood but the rapper says it is meant to attract people’s attention.

“Holy Ten is random. I was called James Real, and it was not catchy. And I needed something weird that people would ask,” he revealed.

By @Comic24Derick

“This is a pursuit for passion and perfection. It has no destination. People put margins on perfection. It is a philosophy of perfection and ten is not a declaration of a perfect man but seeking perfection,” said the singer born Mukudzei Chitsama.

The fast-rising Zimbabwean rapper is on a mission. After only a a few years in the showbiz limelight, he wishes to win a Grammy Award. 

“I am gunning for the Grammys, he told Plot Mhako during an interview. “I do music to spread a positive message against drugs and pressures put on people by society,” he said with poise.
Rapper Holy Ten

This statement coming from a greenhorn in the music industry, Holy Ten is aiming for the moon. The rapper came to the limelight in late 2020, with a chart-topper “Ndaremerwa”. 

From thereon, he has been gliding on the pinnacle of success.

But his career began at the tender age of nine when he discovered his ability to write lyrics. 

“Holy Ten began writing music when he was nine. I was in love with music, poetry and rhymes. But I began professional music when I was 16 years old,” mentioned the juvenile vocalist.

Currently based abroad, studying for a law degree, Holy Ten mainly performs online and only does live performs when he comes back home. 

“I have a manager and he is based in Cyprus, I don’t do live shows that much but I do my shows online,” he said.

The musician admits he is making money online, while he undertakes law studies abroad. “We are making some money online. I have stuff but I have been away for a while from Zimbabwe.” 

The singer has a lot of respect for other musicians. “I like Tamy Moyo’s music and she is consistent. It’s an honour to perform at Shoko Festival in 2020.”

One of his popular chants is the seeker of the truth, the speaker of the youths, rhymes with his stage antics. When he was nominated for an award, he was humble. 

“My gratitude goes out to the people especially for the People's Choice award that one is evidence of the collective love that is there in the streets.

“I want to say thank you to everyone that voted, thank you to everyone that has a view on those videos, thank you to everyone that has been listening to the music,” he added. Since then, more accolades have trailed him.

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