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ExQ: Why he Almost Quit Music

Despite his loyalty to the genre and delivering top-notch entertainment, ExQ feels people always judge him wrongly. “People judge a lot, you...

Despite his loyalty to the genre and delivering top-notch entertainment, ExQ feels people always judge him wrongly.

“People judge a lot, you have to force to do certain things.” But despite the criticism, he has persevered. 

“Working hard is the secret, I believe. Trying new ideas is also critical. However, it is a risk. If it works then bho (all good), zvikaramba (if not) try other things.”

By @Comic24Derick

To his credit, the perennial hitmaker has collaborated with past and current stars to stay relevant. “Roki and Stunner are the brothers I never had in my family,” he said. 

“I was also close to the likes of Leonard Mapfumo and Discord, and most of the musicians during the rise of urban grooves. But visions in life change.”

Even though corporate sponsorship trickles in, it has strings attached, revealed ExQ. “There is always a battle. The corporates are not sponsoring the industry. The government is not supporting us. One can only make money from shows,” he explained. 
Urban Grooves Singer, ExQ

Middlemen are spoiling the game, the singer lamented. “When corporates are dealing with us there is always someone in the middle who has a very different attitude. They make themselves so important and we have to suck up to them.”

“One cannot have proper deals in this country. It is usually a take it or leave it scenario. People look down upon us as artists in this country but we try hard,” added ExQ, real name Enock Munhenga.

Having dedicated much to music, urban grooves singer ExQ feels let down by the industry. For two decades, he has offered all and remained faithful to the genre, but the returns are paltry.

“Artists are not getting their royalties, it is difficult because there is no music industry to talk about. I get confused when we talk about 100 percent local content,” said the musician.

At one stage, he considered quitting music. “At times all these issues make me feel like walking away. That time came when I had dropped the single “Alleluyah” and had just finished working on tracks for my next album,” ExQ told the Sunday Mail. 

Only the intervention of DJ Stavo changed his mind.

The music industry offers fame but fewer earnings, according to the “Musalala” composer. “There is a time I said to myself I am going to quit music. Even now, there are moments I feel like walking away. You give some much to the industry and the returns anonetsa kuwona (are not tangible).”

After years in showbiz, the eloquent singer admits they are not remunerated well. 

“Not all artists are making money out of music. Artists in Zimbabwe are only exposed locally, but if we are exposed outside, we could charge more because our territory will be huge,” he said when asked to compare local and international artists’ remuneration.

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