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Soul Jah Love: A True Artist Never Dies

Even in death, Soul Jah Love’s lyrics continue to echo beyond social boundaries.  In his 31 years of existence, until his death on 16 Februa...

Even in death, Soul Jah Love’s lyrics continue to echo beyond social boundaries. 

In his 31 years of existence, until his death on 16 February, “Chibaba” to his assorted devotees, was an artisan who passionately perfected his creative output.

By @Comic24Derick

Wherever he pitched, the dancehall chanter etched a lasting label for his recorded excesses in a bid to exhibit his apparent bubbly abilities. 

Without suspicion, Soul Jah Love was an unusual songster who projected his voice without fear of restraining nor seeking applauses, fulfilling his purpose, inspired by his trying past.

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Catapulted to lofty heights with addictive tracks including “Ndini Uya Uya” and the explicit “Gum-kum” from 2012 onwards, the songwriter wowed the ghetto youths, who constituted the bulk of his pool of aficionados. To them, he was their own Vybz Kartel.
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“Kana Ndafa”, a 2019 offering by Soul Jah Love articulates that: “When I die, I want you to know that some of the things you were told were all lies. Sometimes when you fall, you look as if you are nothing. When you are born, the next thing is to die,” he sang. By now, his musical exploits were somehow waning, extracting from his prophetic lyrics.
The Late Soul Jah Love

Regardless of his countless drawbacks, he believed there was a superior force, somewhere, hence he always incorporated the Creator in his lyrics. At the height of his diabetic ailment, he consulted spiritual figures seeking healing. According to him, without God’s grace, he could have died earlier, his song “Mwari Vanondida” reveals.

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Via his aptitude, Soul Jah Love was destined for the dancehall hall of fame, just like his song “Pamamonya Ipapo”, which exposed his ability to enter into higher places, despite his obvious limits. On the corporate front, he had made inroads promoting various brands.

Soul Jah Love’s music outdid the social divide. “He was in my opinion the lyrical genius of his generation. I never paid attention to this genre until I heard this song which I picked from a medley,” lawyer, Alex Magaisa tweeted. “The boy was gifted. He made his mark. My best is his discography: Handichabatika.”

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Some of his musical peers could not, however, believe his demise. “It’s not True please I hope it’s not #stayUp Chibaba my father my King. Stay awake because you have to live not only for you but for us who believed in you and gained the strength to rise,” Enzo wrote. 

“Live because you have a lot to teach, live because you mean a lot to us, live longer because we cannot live without you.”

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Snipper Storm mourned: “What a shock, why so sudden Soldier, why, why, why??? Go well soldier u wr a strong driving force in this genre. Loudly crying face. Loudly crying face. Loudly crying face. RIP Soul Musaka. Folded hands.”

Soul Musaka at birth, resonated beyond political affiliations, hence he influenced all. 

“Extremely saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Soul Jah Love. We have been robbed of an artist who changed the game & captured the imagination of the people,” MDC Alliance spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere tweeted.
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Death might have concurred the concurring Soul Jah Love but his music lives on. 

“They say a true artist never dies, he stops giving live concerts. Your music did what music does best, it brought people together. You may be gone now but the melody of your music lingers on,” the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) observed.

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