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Dr Lance Mambondiani: “I am not Driven by Materialism"

Dr Lance Mambondiani believes in speed and efficiency.  “There is a different way to do things. My philosophy is I believe in the extraordin...

Dr Lance Mambondiani believes in speed and efficiency. 

“There is a different way to do things. My philosophy is I believe in the extraordinary. I am not a patient person, I like speed,” he said.

He never applied for his posts to lead top organisations. “I have never applied for any CEO positions that I worked in. I have no idea what people see in me, you have to ask them. When have you are exposed you become more daring,” mentioned Dr Mambondiani.

By @Comic24Derick

Quizzed about his future endeavours, the banker says he has become a lot wiser. “I don’t know what the future holds but I much wiser than before. Despite our imperceptions, one of our responsibilities as leaders is to inspire other people,” he told the media. 

He is motivated by influence and not affluence. “I don’t believe leadership is not a position, it is an influence. I believe in humanity, motivating each other.” 

“I am not driven by materialism, I believe in changing people’s lives. I don’t believe in accumulation of wealth but influence,” Dr Mambondiani stated, when Emperors of Success, probed about his net worth.
Dr Lance Mambondiani
Though he has been poor before, he now concentrates on growing future generations and having an impact on disadvantaged lives. 

“Action defines who we are as an organisation. We believe in equipping the next generation, they must do things ten times faster than us,” he explained.

The cheery executive glitters when he speaks of the two women in his early life – his grandmother and mother, who influenced his way of thinking. The two toiled every day, today, he is driven by the same philosophy.

“From a young age, I knew I needed to be strong. If didn’t do it for me, maybe I would end up in an orphanage. I was not hardworking in primary but in secondary school, I changed and adopted principles that define me,” recalled the respected banker.

“I was going to work hard, I wanted to be a top student at my school and region. I wrote an exam in a hospital because I had not slept for many hours,” he added.

Hard work can be an equaliser for the less talented, according to the BancABC Zimbabwe MD. 

“If I can’t outsmart you, I will outwork you. If you work a bit harder than those talented than you, you can equalise,” he emphasised. “In school I was nerd, and I believed strongly in hard work.”

After graduating as a lawyer, he worked briefly at a law firm, however, he landed in the banking sector. Nowadays, he refers to himself as an “accidental CEO”. But that coincidence has become his passion.

“I like fast-paced environments, I have always been an adrenalin person. I fell in love with banking working at a local bank,” he confided to the online channel, admitting that “practicing law has taught me a lot of things, it teaches you to be critical in your thinking.”

The CEO believes innovation plus manufacturing, not car sales will revive the economy. 

“You are as good as your last invention. Innovation is making people’s lives better and cheaper. I believe in digitalisation, supporting entrepreneurs by changing the business environment.”

He added: “We have become a car sales generation. You don’t grow an economy reselling goods made elsewhere.”

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