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Tendai Mtawarira: How he Stays Humble, Hungry

Humility and working hard propel Tendai Mtawarira further. “Staying humble and hungry and working hard on my game, working hard on my vision...

Humility and working hard propel Tendai Mtawarira further.

“Staying humble and hungry and working hard on my game, working hard on my vision and taking criticism has helped me a lot,” said the “Beast”.

By @Comic24Derick

And his family is core to his game. “We always laugh at home, we always compete for her (wife’s) affection. We are a good team, she supports me. I salute my wife and mother in law.”

The sportsman is a beast on the rugby field, but outside it, he is a humble being. With various awards, including the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, he is rooted to God for giving him the ability to reach dizzy heights in his career. “I am grateful to God to have given me longevity,” he said during a 2019 interview on Supersport.

Forget his hardiness on the field, the “Beast” has a soft spot for stand-up comedy. And during an interview, Trevor Noah surprised him with an appearance, and the rugby icon virtually melted on the screen. “I have a soft spot of stand-up comedy, and a huge fan of Trevor Noah and to hear him say that about me is humbling,” Mtawarira said, holding back some tears.
Tendai "Beast" Mtawarira

In 2010, a debate was raging about his eligibility to feature for the Springboks. Mtawarira responded: “I am a South African at heart. I love this country. It has become my home. It is everything to me. Wearing the green and gold of the Springboks is a huge honour for me,” he said passionately.

“That jersey is part of me. The green and gold flows in my blood. I feel just as much pride as any other guy in the team,” added the “Beast”, who was later admitted to play for the national team. Asked about his feeling about playing rugby in South Africa, he said, “It has been an honour to play in South Africa and the Sharks gave me everything,” he said. “I played number 8 and moved to the front row when I was moved to Durban I worked on certain things.”

The “Beast” has demonstrated rare strength on the field, earning reviews for such a heroic exhibition. “I made things work and have played many games for the Springboks. I thank God for giving me unusual strength, my locks rely on me to look after them.”

Tracing his early days, Mtawarira who hails from Zimbabwe, and moved to Durban has a lot of respect for his former team mates, including John Smit. “It’s humbling to hear John Smit say such things about me, these guys are my heroes,” revealed Mtawarira who came to the Sharks as a junior, playing in 159 matches, between 2007 and 2019.

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