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Poptain: Turning Pain to Gain

Life in Harare was once hell for dancehall Poptain, the poetic dancehall chanter “All my life has been a challenge but I think it is a lesso...

Life in Harare was once hell for dancehall Poptain, the poetic dancehall chanter

“All my life has been a challenge but I think it is a lesson for me to keep going stronger and I have noticed that one day I can be used as an example to my peers,” said Poptain.

By @Comic24Derick

“When we moved to Harare, we were given the impression that we were going to boarding school. We were elated as we bid farewell to our friends and relatives,” Poptain recalled.

The relocation transformed his life, forever. “I was shocked and hurt. To me, this was deceit. During my early days at the orphanage, I would find a secret place where I would often go to cry my heart out.”

The pain he endured later profited him because he nurtured his musical talent in his spare time. “My interest in music grew when I was at the orphanage,” he said.

Poptain’s lyrics are pregnant with meaning. Unlike his peers, he pens songs that are relevant to the past, present – and affects everyone, daily. A section of local dancehall musicians are soiling the genre with explicit lyrics and it is being shunned by music consumers, especially adults.
Poptain and Anita Jaxson 
“Munhu Wenyama”, his 2020 single delivered in a profound reggae fashion speaks of his faults as a person, just like everybody else, he errs. To his credit, the lyrics are explicit free, they steer away from the foul language hugely associated with other names. 

Also, the music video is not overshadowed by almost nude dancers that would distract viewers from the core theme of the song.

Another single, “Freedom” released in 2018 is also a gem, loaded with social commentary that is inflicting the youths today, seeking to better their lives in a difficult economic setting. The also song tackles corruption, lamenting the lack of freedom in his country of birth.

Yet another sizzling 2020 offering “Pfau Pfau” (death), showcases the pain he has undergone after he lost his parents at a tender age. Confused, the siblings went to live with their uncle, who later died.

They were taken to Harare, after being promised a better life in 2004. The experience turned bitter, however. Instead of a boarding school, the three siblings went to an orphanage.

Largely influenced by Mavado, Poptain can shift from dancehall to original reggae with ease, thereby attracting the attention of a diverse audience. His high-riding “Fadza Mutengi” single has garnered over 1.7 million views on YouTube, six months after it premiered.

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