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Mathias Mhere: Singer Reveals His Biggest Assets

Mathias Mhere values his relationship with his friends and fans. “People said I was a drug addict on stage because I was very energetic. I h...

Mathias Mhere values his relationship with his friends and fans.

“People said I was a drug addict on stage because I was very energetic. I have taken it with a smile. I love to dress smart and fit the situation,” he said.

By @Comic24Derick

“I knew Mambo Dhuterere before. I never left my old friends but we still work together but we stage different performances,” the musician added.

His energetic stage performances have earned him a lot of appreciation. “I believe in connecting, interacting with the fans, they own the music. I put a lot of effort into my music. I practice four times a week. I am concerned with entertaining my fans rather than the word.”

The comparison of Mhere and Blessing Shumba goes beyond music. A while back, the two musicians were rumoured to have been jailed for two decades.

The gospel musician has been accused of engaging in a “beef” with fellow singer Shumba. This story has been recycled countless times, giving it some legs. Shumba dismissed the story as “bar talk”. 
Mathias Mhere
In musical circles, the word “beef” is slang that refers to deep hatred for someone or a thing. It's more typical in everyday life when competitors develop friction among themselves. Musicians often develop this friction and the wording “beef” is used to label it.

The Mhere and Blessing beef is however different. “The similarities on our music was because we had the same producer and we could not run away from those similarities,” he said. 

“I nearly quit music because of the similarities and the video sold more than the audio and it revealed more on who was Blessing and Mathias.”

Another controversial episode that was widely reported was his marital problems. She was allegedly cheating on him. “There was a marital issue but we have moved on. It was a marketing strategy there was no need for a scandal to sell the album,” revealed the songwriter, who graduated as a Pastor in 2019.

Again, Mathias was reported to have been kidnapped, after being entangled in an extra-marital affair with a married woman. “She was just a business partner whom I regarded highly but she had her marriage problems with her husband. She more like a mother to me,” he revealed.

After failing to make it, his third effort “Favour” elevated his name to the zenith. “I had experienced a lot of life challenges and I decided to write a song to thank God that one day I will make, even though life was tough at that moment.

On how he releases his music, the energetic singer said: “I don’t have pressure to release another song because I know there God will give us more music ideas to sing more songs.

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