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Bonang Matheba: How to Become a Brand Influencer?

Bonang Matheba is living up to her Queen B moniker as a leading brand ambassador. “I think I owe it to the people who buy the brand, who bel...

Bonang Matheba is living up to her Queen B moniker as a leading brand ambassador.

“I think I owe it to the people who buy the brand, who believe in the brand, who believe in,” she mentioned to the media when quizzed about her popular wine brand.

By @Comic24Derick

Success has opened more zeal and hunger, with reports of a new women management agency to be launched soon. 

The media magnet has positively exerted her power on popular radio and TV shows across South Africa. Her autograph voice and gaudy presentation style has landed her abundant tributes and contracts.

But tying her down does not come cheap, she has entered the enchanted territories to attain the glamour, she presently enjoys. 

In 2011, she became the first South African celebrity to launch an online reality show B Dazzled. The following year, she was the face of cosmetic brand Revlon, outside South Africa.

At the last count, Bonang has been featured in 52 magazines and holds the title as the only black South African woman to achieve that. 

Being Bonang, her reality show has broken records. She has been in 127 photo-shoots, plus a record 27 local and international awards.
Bonang Matheba

The fashion industry has benefited massively from her persona. Brands including Legit, retail brand Woolworths have all benefited by launching the Just B clothing line, among other brands. 

Her corporate influence has overlapped with alcoholic drinks, wines, and a wireless network provider to launch a new mobile app.

Such exploits have earned her the title of Queen B, exuding with glitz plus glamour. The allure of her voice once drove a radio station to add her to the new DJ line-up, earning a weekend show B Hive in 2009. 

With a patriotic 8.5 million following, Bonang has a robust social media presence, and an influencer of note. Each post influences people’s lives. Three hundred girls are set to benefit from her tertiary education bursary by 2025.

Multitudes trust she has the magic wand to transform their lives and dreams, judging by the various comments and shares. Queen B is an undisputed authority on media, fashion – a must-follow socialite. 

Queen B to her loyalist does not underrate her growing global social media impact. “I wouldn’t be here if it was not for social media.”

Beyond the glamour, she has been stung in love on countless occasions. From A to B, her autobiography tracing her life attracted mixed reviews due to grammatical errors. 

It was later pulled from the bookshelves. A new corrected version was released, deleting a section about her relationship hiccup.

“I never anticipated how badly I would be treated when the story of my break-up was leaked,” she had originally written in the book. 

“It was one of the most painful experiences and sometimes I am not sure how I survived.” The love triangle allegedly involving rapper AKA and DJ Zinhle ended bitterly.

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