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Prophetic Warning: ‘Imminent Terrorist Attack on Kenya’

A terrorist group could soon launch an attack on Kenya, which could result in bloodshed, a Zimbabwean clergy has warned. Pastor Ian Ndlovu, ...

A terrorist group could soon launch an attack on Kenya, which could result in bloodshed, a Zimbabwean clergy has warned.

Pastor Ian Ndlovu, who accurately prophesied the death of Tanzanian President John Pombe Mugufuli in 2020 said, “These people are about to strike, they want to strike in many locations almost at the same time to create confusion in the country,” while addressing congregates on 15 April, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

By @Comic24Derick

Exactly a year after the prophecy, Mugufuli passed on after a short illness.

Further, he said, “It’s something which is urgent, according to the spirit of God. Let’s pray for governmental systems in Kenya to be on high alert. My suspicion is that in intelligence they know what I am talking about, they are even monitoring some people, but they are others whom they are not monitoring who are planning this attack.”

Kenya experienced similar attacks before. On 15 January 2019, when four gunmen killed 21 civilians before they were contained by the security forces. In his YouTube broadcast, pastor Ndlovu hoped the security forces would speedily detect the culprits.
A Terrorist Group Launched an Attack in Nairobi, Kenya on January 15, 2019, Killing 21 People (Image: BBC) 
“In the natural, the security forces must discover these people and stop them. In the spirit, we must fast for seven days, because of the bloodshed that I saw.”

Already, Mozambique is battling to contain terrorist attacks in the Cabo Delgado region that has claimed many civilian lives, disrupting billions of investments.

The full message said: “In Kenya, we have to pray against terrorism, there are people who are planning to do terrorism. I saw some ravens follow a moving vehicle like a bus, then I also saw smoke on their capital city, a cloud, like smoke, like mist, from above in a vision.”

The prophecy added, “Then I was asking God, what is this? The spirit of God was saying it’s a country that is vulnerable to terrorism. We must pray for the security forces to discover terrorist cells which are already embedded within the society of Kenya.”

The aggressors are targeting public transport, according to the pastor. “There are some who are planning terrorist activities against a moving thing which will be carrying people. I will just call it a bus, it might not be a bus or any form of vehicle that will be carrying people in numbers. How can this be diffused?”

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