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Bill & Melinda Gates: Possible Reasons for Divorce

Another billionaire marriage has been annulled, without offering a clear, convincing motive.  After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda G...

Another billionaire marriage has been annulled, without offering a clear, convincing motive. 

After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda Gates' marriage is now history. For now, the split has been smooth sailing, at least according to their respective Twitter posts.

By @Comic24Derick

The now split couple seems to be on agreement terms. “We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life.”

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Though they have requested some privacy, the media will certainly dig into the real reasons for the divorce. And here, we will begin searching, trying to locate the possible reasons for the much-publicised divorce.

According to CNBC, money is the leading cause of stress in a relationship. “Money is the leading cause of stress in a relationship, according to a survey of over 2,000 adults by SunTrust Bank,” a 2018 article revealed.

“The research found that 35 percent of people named finances as the primary trouble spot with their partner.”
Melinda Gates and Bill gates 
Further, the article exposed that, “The more you earn, the more trouble can brew between a couple, some divorce lawyers say. Overall, divorces tend to pick up, rather than decrease, in periods of economic growth, when incomes rise across the board, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.”

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A new survey by Ramsey Solutions, money fights are the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity. Results show that both high levels of debt and a lack of communication are major causes for the stress and anxiety surrounding household finances.

Part of the statement issued by the couple reads: “We continue to share a belief in that mission and will continue our work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.” However, the settlement of their divorce remains unknown.

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Still, many questions remain unanswered. But the billionaire Elon Musk’s ex-wife revealed more. “They are dyslexic, they are autistic, they have ADD, they are square pegs in round holes, they piss people off, get into arguments, rock the boat.”

Infidelity could have increased the chances of divorce. In 2017, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the then world richest person announced the end of his marriage to MacKenzie Bezos, after 25 years of marriage.

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“Wonderful futures ahead, as parents, friends, partners in ventures and projects, and as individuals pursuing ventures and adventures,” the two said in a joint statement, almost similar to the Gates statement.

After the divorce case gained traction, people suggested Jeff could have been having an affair. Similarly, Tiger Woods’ divorce was fuelled by reports of cheating. As reports of the golfer’s infidelity escapades surfaced, several women revealed sexual encounters with the sports star.

In 2010, Woods divorced Elin Nordegren 2010, later admitting to his weaknesses in a statement. “I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children.”

For now, the world only knows the Gates version, but for how long until the media avails another side. To their credit, the couple has not ignited a media uproar, deciding to spate amicably.

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