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Business Habits: Master these Skills to Succeed

What is one thing that you are still failing to master in your business?  For some entrepreneurs, time management remains a problem that thr...

What is one thing that you are still failing to master in your business? 

For some entrepreneurs, time management remains a problem that threatens to spoil their relationships in dealing with other people.

If you spend time on trivial issues, such as social media, speaking for long periods over the phone, or hosting endless meetings. Then, you need to invest in how to effectively manage your time.

For the benefit of every reader, time management is a deliberate process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities and it must be strictly followed.

When you develop this habit, you will enjoy work because you will be working smarter and not harder. Further, you accomplish your tasks faster, then focus on the next assignment.

While addressing the issue of time management, R.L. Adams said in his article for the Entrepreneur magazine: “One of the best habits to have in business by far is the effective management of your time. How you use your time says a lot about how successful you are.”

Successful people plan their day, week, month, and year in advance. And if they can’t do that, they will recruit an assistant to perform that important task, from keeping a diary and scheduling important meetings.
“Work out and Meditate.” (Image:

The Entrepreneur continued: “Do you waste your time and squander it on activities that you could easily cut out of your life such as endlessly surfing the internet or binge-watching television series? 

“Considering that we all have the same amount of time in this world and that more time can’t be saved or created as is the case with money, once we use that time, it's gone forever,” it said. 

Time wasted cannot be redeemed or recycled again. What is left are regrets and mourns of what if? But it will be too late for that. Social media is important for business, but it can be destructive. Allocate time to do that, and if you are overwhelmed, find someone who can.

Closely linked to the money issue is  “Successful entrepreneurs are very careful with money management. They must be great in this area to balance cash flow and avoid going broke when they are really beginning to realize success,” Alejandro Cremades argued in his article for Forbes magazine.

In business, you cannot afford to throw away money at will. Every expenditure must be justified and recorded for accountability purposes.

“This doesn’t mean being cheap,” Forbes magazine continued. “Nor is throwing away money on losses to scale always the best business model. It’s really about appreciating that every dollar spent is either taking you closer or further from your goals.”

If you consider surfing on the internet as important more than planning a marketing strategy, then it will reflect in your business. What is not on your list of plans must not be prioritized, never. “Schedule what matters most. If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done,” warns Chris Ducker.

Ducker a renowned entrepreneur, urges his peers not to be hoodwinked by time-wasting schemes that may appear enticing at face value.

He adds: “That’s an original “Ducker-ism”, which has been a personal secret to moving my business forward over the 10+ years that I’ve been an entrepreneur. Your time is extremely valuable and you’ve only got so much to work with each day so make sure it’s being invested in projects and opportunities that will make the biggest impact.”

Value the body that works. Without a healthy body, you cannot be productive, literally meaning, the dearth of your business.

How you do that is prescribed by Orbelo, which suggested that: “Work out and Meditate. The next habit to get into is working out and meditating and just like with your working hour, you want to schedule time to do both of these things.”

As for the benefits of working out, those are documented. “Exercising regularly keeps blood, glucose, and oxygen levels high, it feeds the brain and releases endorphins into the body to give your mind and your mood a boost. 

“Exercising isn’t just good for you either, it significantly boosts your brain power when it comes to processing and productivity,” Orbelo continues.

John Jantsch motions for an aggressive investment in value addition to create a superior product. “A lot of people preach the idea of obsessing over the customer, but I’ve found that real success comes from obsessing over value – valuable products, processes, communication, follow-up, service, content, connection, and context,” Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing writeup announces.

By focusing on value, you will know that every detail in the production process is important and must not be ignored.

“When you obsess about delivering value, measuring value, and increasing value in everything you do, you start to realize that everything matters and there are no small things – and there’s no better way to serve your customers than that.”

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