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Business Hacks: Building Healthy Relationships

Daily, we interact with different people. Some, are within our circles, and some are from outside our spheres. But healthy relationships are...

Daily, we interact with different people. Some, are within our circles, and some are from outside our spheres.

But healthy relationships are important for everyone. And being able to maintain them is more crucial. Without healthy relationships, you will not go far in life and business.

By @Comic24Derick

A relationship takes different forms, including interpersonal relationships, which refer to the association, connection, interaction, and bond between two or more people.

Other associations are family relationships, friendships, acquaintanceships, and romantic relationships. Karola Karlson for Scoro urges business owners to value every relationship.

“When building a business, you’re going to encounter sales assistants alongside senior executives,” Scoro wrote. “Even if you’re 100 percent sure that you won’t ever need their help again, establish a stable relationship and reconnect with them as time passes.”

In short, Karlson is saying, don’t burn bridges, you will never know when you will need help. Relationships are important, even if you don’t gain anything from them.

Scoro said: “Connect with people you know during conferences or by commenting on their social media posts. Never let them feel that you have forgotten who they are or what their business stands for – you might need their help in the future.”
Make it a point to have your products online. (Image:

Take advantage of different discussions and meetings to network with other people. Show them they are important and you value their input.

According to Jeff Charles, writing down your ideas is powerful in his Small Business Trends writeup. “How many times have great ideas popped into your head, only to be forgotten later? If you’re the creative type, this probably happens more often than you’d care to admit.”

Ideas written down will guarantee that you remember every detail. A point to note: if you are a creative person, always carry a notepad or any note-taking device. 

Sometimes you get busy, and ideas will come to you and go, unfortunately, you may not recall them at all. The Small Business Trends article said: “When you’re busy focusing on your everyday duties, it’s hard to remember the ideas you come up with. That’s why it’s important to take the time to write these ideas down.”

“Try carrying a notebook or journal on which you can write your ideas, and make sure you jot them down once you think of them. Don’t put it off until later, thinking that you will remember to write it down. You won’t remember, and you will be frustrated,” added Charles.

Continuing on the relationship topic, Alice Jackson for Design Hill said, “Consider every relationship valuable. Your relationship with your senior executives and sales assistants should be strong. If you do not need them any longer, still reconnect with them,” she wrote.

Invest quality time to share ideas with your connections. Give compliments where it is due. Offer free, honest advice when you are asked to. And when you are in need, you know where to go and seek it.

Jackson continued: “There are many platforms where you can connect with people and clients. Meet with people during conferences.

“While visiting social pages of business owners, don’t forget to comment on their fine products or services. They will know that you recognize them. This is important as they may be of good help to you in the future,” said Jackson.

Know the basics of how every department operates. Understand the power of delegating, says Michael Sacca, co-founder of software company WithCircle, in an article authored by Jon Nastor for the Entrepreneur magazine.

“Michael Sacca, a co-founder of software company WithCircle, says that as a business owner, you need to know accounting and marketing. You don’t need to be an accountant or social media expert, but you need to know the basics in all aspects of your business,” suggested Nastor. Be honest with what you can or not do, it is not a crime.

Nastor added: “You might feel you’re only good at one or two key aspects of your business, but stop hiding from the tasks you don’t enjoy. Yes, delegation is key, but to delegate effectively you need to understand all aspects of your business.”

Make it a point to have your products online. To support this, Rohit Prasanna Munipally for Business 2 Community said, “Online reviews matter. Online reviews are essential when it comes to building brand credibility. 

“According to a survey, 84 percent of users trust online reviews and testimonials when considering purchasing a product or service,” added Prasanna. 

Comments and recommendations from satisfied customers are important, so consider them. Positive reviews by customers will boost your reputation. Testimonies attract and convince potential customers.

“Make it easy for users to view and react to all the praise you have received online. Present the top quotes and testimonials on your homepage as comments from satisfied customers. It helps encourage your prospects to make the purchase.

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