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Wealth Creators: Are Today's Startups the Future?

The motivation to start a small business can be found anywhere but it requires a lot of resources, including time and sacrifice. Part of the...

The motivation to start a small business can be found anywhere but it requires a lot of resources, including time and sacrifice.

Part of the process starts by doing the small things that you love most, the things that you have always dreamt of making, seeking mentorship as you go along.

By @Comic24Derick

Companies that are big today were once small. And if you follow this direction, you will make it one day.

Everyone has a story to tell

“Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing,” suggested Paul Ryan. “All the corner shops in our towns and cities, the restaurants, cleaners, gyms, hair salons, hardware stores - these didn’t come out of nowhere.”

For you to become successful, you have to start somewhere. You must have a reference point. The businesses that you admire today have a different story to tell. There was a lot of effort that was invested for it to grow.

Big things come wrapped in small packages

At first, a small business will have no impact at all. But the reality, they handle more transactions than big enterprises because of their large numbers. Also, studies have shown that they employ more people compared to the bigger companies.
“They are neck-deep in their business trying to keep it going.” (Image:

While the big ones offer higher incomes and job security, the small ones deal directly with the common people and hugely impact people. Since they affect more people, they require more advice and assistance to operate more efficiently.

“Small business is the backbone of our economy,” an American politician, Michele Bachmann observed. “I’m for big business, too. But small business is where the jobs are generated.”

Learn to network

“Our philosophy is that we want to be an ecosystem. Our philosophy is to empower others to sell, empower others to service, making sure the other people are more powerful than us. With our technology, our innovation, our partners - 10 million small business sellers - they can compete with Microsoft and IBM.” – Jack Ma

To reach your full potential as a small business, you need to establish relevant networks that will help your business grow. 

When you are a member of a group, you are empowered in many ways, and this will enable you to reach millions of people across the globe. A network allows members to have one voice, demand a reasonable price for their mutual benefit.

Political will is essential

Small business owners need the protection of the state for them to grow. High taxes are detrimental to small players and will eventually force them out of business due to high operational costs. When small businesses fail, many people lose their jobs.

To support this view, Robert Kiyosaki said: “When President Obama speaks about raising taxes on the rich, he speaks about high-income employees and small business owners, not entrepreneurs who build big businesses.”

The wealth creators

“I truly believe that the job creators, those people making $200,000 a year, are the small businessmen and women that create the jobs and ultimately will help the middle class and the poor.” – Phil Gingrey

When it comes to real wealth creators, small entrepreneurs are the real heroes who do all the dirty work but they are rarely recognized. The accolades and gratitude are usually reserved for the big boys, who make more money and enjoy more protection than their smaller counterparts.

Small business relief

Besides helping the economy, small businesses have a close relationship with the community. People who work and buy from emerging entrepreneurs know each other. They understand their customers’ needs and they become a family.

This view is supported by Bill Foster, who said, “As someone who started a small business from scratch, I know how important it is for families and for communities to have strong job creation.”

Venture capitalist, Karen Mills agrees with Foster. She believed small players have a big part to contribute towards the growth of the American economy. Her experience of a family business gave her the confidence to declare that small businesses have a brighter future.

“I grew up in a family business... that really has provided the core of my belief in American small business, and in America's ability to grow and operate important businesses that can compete and be successful,” Karen Mills, a venture capitalist said.

Start small and grow big

“Sir Richard Branson started out as a small business owner and now owns a conglomerate that will give you a ride to the moon,” Perianne Boring said. “If you pay for your ride with bitcoin, you’ll be using the first truly universal currency!”

The founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Boring understands the influence that small entrepreneurs can have. In Boring’s words, when he started, Richard Branson encountered many problems that are affecting emerging businesses.

However, he remained loyal to his vision, and his business grew bigger. She also praised bitcoin that has revolutionized the payment system.

Embrace technology

“Any small business that’s predicated on technological innovation and is differentiated and superior can expand globally very effectively using the Internet as a vehicle for promotion.” – John Quelch

The world is now a global village. The Internet enables people in different parts of the world to do business anywhere by using efficient payment systems and platforms.

An entrepreneur who fails to embrace the Internet will miss out. Technology is important for business visibility, sadly, some small players believe it is an expense to the company.

Andrew Yang encourages business to be visible. “The vast majority of small business owners want nothing to do with figuring out a website,” the American businessman said. “They are neck-deep in their business trying to keep it going.”

When elephants fight, the grass suffers

Unfair business practices hurt small players the most. When big companies decide to reduce prices, for example, emerging entrepreneurs are hurt because they don’t have the muscle to fight back.

“The collusion of big business, big labor, and big government threatens the spirit of small business that makes America great.” – Foster Friess

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