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Leadership Musts: Eliminate. Automate. Delegate

Sometimes the simple management tasks that entrepreneurs overlook can make a difference towards the smooth running of the business. For you ...

Sometimes the simple management tasks that entrepreneurs overlook can make a difference towards the smooth running of the business.

For you to see the progress in your business, learn from the best. Incorporate what others who came before you are doing it.

By @Comic24Derick

“Just 3 simple steps: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate.,” suggests Heather R. Morgan, who writes for Inc. “This three-step framework is my secret to accomplishing everything. It sounds corny, but trying to do less really helps you get more done.”

The secret formula proposed by Morgan suggests that you must be able to remove unnecessary things that may overcrowd your daily schedule. Don’t try to bite, more than you can chew. Do what you can. The second tip is to go digital.

This way, you can do your things efficiently, and stay up to date with software that can make your life easier. Acquire the skill to trust others. Give people around you, some of your responsibilities, and they will give you more. Only then, can you evaluate their performances.

“The first step to achieving your goals is trimming your to-do list. I really struggle with this. Because my interests are so varying, it's hard for me to commit to just one thing,” Morgan added.

Before you draw your arrow, you must aim at your target. A defined mark makes you understand your destination. “Be strategic and have concrete targets,” said Saqib Ayaz who writes for Tweak Your Biz.

“There is a proverb generally used in big companies “critical musts”. These are objectives, tasks, and schedules you need to complete before ending of a period.”
“Just 3 simple steps: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate.,” suggests Heather R. Morgan. 
Form the above statement, there are some tasks that are more important than others. A CEO running a big company must know where to direct more resources. Every task is important, but others are more crucial than others. Know how to distribute the available resources and time according to urgency.

Ayaz continued, “Set “basic musts” on the priority toward the start of every year and strive to meet your objectives in a gainful and supportable route through getting to the month to month/quarterly reports.”

The “basic musts” are derived by reading company reports. If you hate reading reports, then you are not ready to become a CEO.

According to McKinsey, a CEO must have “Board engagement: Help directors help the business.” Therefore, it means that a CEO must give articulate, the business plan and strategies that must be followed for the business to succeed.

“The board’s mission on behalf of shareholders is to oversee and guide management’s efforts to create long-term value. Research shows that sound corporate governance practices are linked with better performance, including higher market valuations,” added McKinsey.

Investors put their trust on the board directors to multiply their wealth. A CEO who manages the company well, will add value to the company. The board of directors are the nucleus of the company, they make decisions that are crucial for the business.

McKinsey added: “An effective board can also repel activist investors. Despite these upsides, many CEOs regard their companies’ boards in the way one CEO described his company’s board to us: as a “necessary evil.”

Admit it, everyone has a weakness. Embrace your soft side and make us of it, according to Vistage’s Sam Reese, who wrote that, “Embrace vulnerability as a strength. Vulnerability now is a strength that leaders want to be open about. They want to be clear about their shortcomings and their mistakes.”

CEOs are also human beings, they have their own shortcomings, even if they try to refuse it. When you tell people your mistakes, they will know your limitations. And when you err, people will accommodate your mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes, and only then we move to the next level.

“This is important because it shows your team (and your family) that you are trying to improve. A leader who thinks they must have all the answers—or else appear weak to their team—is not setting themselves up for success.

A secure CEO stands by the decisions that are made on behalf of the company. Bust most of all, according to Strategy + Business’s Deborah L. Jacobs is that, “Part one of the book, which lays out the vital traits, includes few surprises.”

“Some traits — being secure about yourself (even if you have to fake it), good at your job and willing to lead as well as being nice, humorous, original, competitive and flexible — seem fairly straightforward (still another “vital” trait).”

As a CEO, manty people are looking up to you, so don’t disappoint them. Give them confidence. Mingle with them. Sympathize with them. Be creative. Refuse to photocopy other people’s ideas and beliefs. “Others are reminders of how we ought to be (in control of attitudes, honest and ethical, a fighter for your people),” concluded Strategy + Business.

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