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Riky Rick: "I’ll Return a Stronger Man. This Land is Still my Home."

On 22 February, at 5:20 pm, am Riky Rick wrote on Twitter that, “I’ll return a stronger man. This land is still my home.” Many, especially ...

On 22 February, at 5:20 pm, am Riky Rick wrote on Twitter that, “I’ll return a stronger man. This land is still my home.”

Many, especially his close associates assumed it was one of his deep spiritual statements. To his millions of fans, it was a joke, a way to promote one of his shows or lyrics.
They were all wrong. Contrary, rapper, Rikhado “Riky Rick,” Muziwendlovu Makhado (34) was contemplating taking his own life. And on Wednesday, the next day, the world was informed of his death from a suspected suicide.

A family spokesperson Sheikani Makhado confirmed his passing but could not divulge any further details. “The family is still meeting, and we will release a statement in due course. We ask for your understanding.”

Close friends who spoke to the South African media said they are in disbelief. They do not wish to be named until the family has released an official statement. "I spoke to him on Monday about a project I was working on." 

Another says Riky died on his way to hospital.

"Riky spoke about his depression and he was doing okay. He stopped taking drugs many years ago and that was never a secret. I don't know what might have triggered this. But we will pray for Bianca and the kids."
The Late South African Rapper, Riky Rick
In his last interview with Drum, Riky said life was too short to not live it to the fullest. How the death of his friends and Amapiano stars Killer Kau, Mpura Mpura, TD, and Thando Tot, who died in a car crash on their way to a concert in the North West, was a wakeup call.

“It has taught me to appreciate people and be cognisant of every moment spent with people because they don’t last forever,” he said.

“It’s really about learning to appreciate people and everything that we go through daily and making time for family and loved ones.” He also spoke passionately about how his individuality as an artist was important and said it has not been easy.

“Fashion is another form of art. When you look good, you feel good. I knew that from a long ago. You can speak about how you feel through aesthetics and express how designers feel. It’s my other form of expression.”

A few years ago, Riky spoke openly about his past addiction to drugs and overcoming addiction.

“It hasn’t been easy, but the family has kept me grounded,” he said. “Had it not been for a stable family, I would not be where I am today. I am in a very good place. Back then I was wild in my 20s, I am not in my 30 and I have grown up and learned to be better, taking care of my health and communicating better.”

The most important people in his life were his family. “My family and children have been good in helping me to grow up. It’s been good doing it with a support system. Then, we could go wherever and do whatever, but the family has given me a sense of direction.”

In the interview, he said his goal in life was to see his family and kids happy and healthy. “I try to live life at the moment and keep my family grounded, together, and healthy. That is my biggest priority and my main goal,” he said.

Riky said the best advice he would give a younger version of himself is to stay grounded and be true to who you are.

“The younger version of me was a people pleaser. The difference is now it's easier to communicate about how I feel, what I like, what I don’t like. I have my own opinion and am not afraid to take a different direction to everyone instead of going with the flow and what everyone is doing,” he said.

“I learned it’s okay to be myself and do what pleases me. I have been helping new artists and for some reason, I am still here doing things myself. I would tell the younger version of me that it’s okay to be different.”

Now that Riky Rick is gone, we remain with his silky voice, sublime stage acts and glorious character. But we have to understand that mental sickness is real and is affecting many people. - Online Sources 

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