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Ghanaian Evangelist: How Bishop Dag Heward Angered Gays

Ghanaian evangelist Bishop Dag Heward-Mills‚ who was in Zimbabwe on a countrywide tour late last year, has sensationally attacked homosexua...

Ghanaian evangelist Bishop Dag Heward-Mills‚ who was in Zimbabwe on a countrywide tour late last year, has sensationally attacked homosexuals saying even animals are better than such people.

Bishop Heward-Mills compared homosexuality to s.ex with animals during a sermon at Grace Bible Church in Soweto, South Africa last weekend.

Bishop Heward-Mills said: “Dogs, cats, leopards mention the animal. Which one has one partner? It is just like homosexuality you don’t have male and male.

“If you use that reasoning, you will find that homosexuality is not natural. You don’t find two male dogs, two male lions, two male impalas Two male cats, even lizards, two elephants. It is unnatural.
Gay Marriages 

“Yes, there is nothing like that in nature. And in the same way there is nothing like one to one Nature is one to several.”

The Lighthouse Chapel preacher‚ simultaneously criticised women for paying too much attention to their looks before seeming to suggest they would struggle to find a husband if they left their looks too natural.

“If you leave your hair raw‚ just as it is‚ it may not get somebody to marry you if you just leave it as it is… Or if you leave your hips as they are‚ you may not get somebody…‚” he preached.

Earlier in the sermon‚ however‚ he adjured female congregants to pay less attention to their appearance — even while criticising overweight women. “…The ladies have many things to do… that’s why they’re always late. They paint their face‚ change their hair … Wigs‚ Brazilian hair‚ Chilean hair‚ Peruvian hair.

“They change their breasts‚ make it bigger or smaller‚ they change their hips or thighs‚ their stomach‚ I tell you. Many people feel that it’s only men who have pot bellies but I tell you‚ half of the people who have pot bellies are women‚ it’s only that they have strapped it‚ they cannot even breathe.”

Heward-Mills then switched back to a faith-based message by asking congregants to spend more of their energies on improving their spirituality.

“The nails are not real‚ everything is fake and so much time is given to make your body look wonderful. But the soul is neglected. The soul is very important. It can die‚ it can be destroyed. You must feed the inside‚” he preached.

“If you don’t train yourself spiritually‚ if you leave your soul unattended‚ you will naturally be nasty… you will not be nice.”

Heward-Mills featured in news reports in Ghana last year when he said it was difficult for a man to live with only one woman for the rest of his life and reportedly advised children not to disrespect their fathers for taking second wives.

He also reportedly have told Christian women to have more sex and not to behave like “dead bodies” in bed. — Sunday Mail Reporter/Online

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