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Transport Sector: Cameroon Workers Suspend National Strike

A nationwide industrial strike action which was planned for Monday September 25, 2017, to paralyse the road transport sector has been cance...

A nationwide industrial strike action which was planned for Monday September 25, 2017, to paralyse the road transport sector has been cancelled. 

The strike was called off, Saturday September 23, 2017, after road transport workers grouped under the National Syndicates of Road Transport of Cameroon had fruitful discussions with several government officials.

They had held separate talks with the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Trade and the Minister of Labour and Social Security.

According to a press release sent to our newsroom, the trade unionists said they called off the strike following concrete solutions taken by government to resolve their problems and government promised measures to address their worries.

These include curbing clandestine transportation, ameliorating the working conditions of drivers and bringing order to the activities of professional drivers. Concerning the reduction of fuel prices, the drivers lauded the efforts of the Minister of Trade who took a personal engagement to champion advocacy for the cause.
Cameroon Transport Strike Averted 

"We shall maintain dialogue with government in many other meetings to come. We count on the civility and patriotism of all during this delicate period," the transporters noted. In one of the crisis meetings, the Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana commended the trade unionists for the love shown for country by entertaining dialogue.

He reminded them of the moral responsibility to be united in the face of economic and security shocks tormenting Cameroon. "We decided to renew our spirit of partnership and dialogue. We are very positive," Luc Magloire said.

It should be recalled that in a letter dated August 28, 2017, eight trade unions grouped under the banner of National Syndicates of Road Transport of Cameroon petitioned the Prime Minister, Head of Government with a series of grievances.

They threatened to paralyse the entire road transport system in the country should their demands not be met before September 25.

The trade unionists had expressed worries over the non-application of the Collective Convention, the delay in the issuance of professional badges, the re occurrence of frequent deadly road accidents and the wish to have the prices of fuel reduced.

They noted that they wanted their sector to be cleaned and left exclusively for professional drivers. - Online Sources

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