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UN General Assembly: Exceptional Welcome for Cameroon First Couple

Upon arrival at the New York city, on September 17, the First Couple of Cameroon was treated to a rapturous reception by hundreds of Camero...

Upon arrival at the New York city, on September 17, the First Couple of Cameroon was treated to a rapturous reception by hundreds of Cameroonians.

At this period, every year, the presence of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York is significant. However, no event, no matter how generic its fundamentals are, is ever the same each year.

And the coming of President Paul Biya and wife, Chantal to this year's session of the UN General Assembly testifies to this fact. 

Flags of the Republic of Cameroon flown high along the 49th street of the Madison Avenue, down town Manhattan New York City of the United States of America as Cameroonians from all the corners in the USA gathered to offer a hectic welcome to their Head of State and wife. 

On lookers could term the scene a "Royal welcome". But it was just a patriotic gesture from a people who are happy to see their leader arrive in America for a promising meeting with other world leaders.
Paul Biya and Wife Chantal

Accompanied by First Lady Chantal Biya and some of his close collaborators, the Cameroonian Head of State was treated to a memorable welcome by the huge crowd of Cameroonians present at the entrance of the Lotte New York Palace Hotel where he is lodging. 

Waving the flag of Cameroon and singing songs of acclaim to their esteemed leader, Cameroonians living in the United States of America, be they supporters of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) party or not, came to show their loyalty to the man who epitomises their love for the fatherland, the advocacy of national ideals and the oneness of the Cameroonian people. 

Along the Madison Avenue, the Cameroonians, under the banner, President Biya's Youth PRESBY USA, brandished messages such as "We are not Francophones, we are not Anglophones, we are Cameroonians." 

Wearing T-shirts that carry messages such as "One Cameroon, One Peace," the jubilant crowd of Cameroonians from areas such as South Eastern (Atlanta), South Central (Chicago), Mid Atlantic (Washington DC) and Northern Eastern (New York) subsection of the CPDM party in the US, danced to the tempo of drum beats from all the ten regions of their fatherland as the limousine carrying their Head of State drove through the streets of Manhattan. 

At the entrance of the hotel, Cameroon's First Couple were welcomed with bouquets of flowers. President Paul Biya and wife took time to shake hands with several dignitaries and CPDM supporters as a sign of acknowledgement and love to a people and a nation, whose interest and agenda he has come to present and defend among his peers, at this year's concert of world leaders. - Online Sources

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