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Blue Movie: Residents Swindled as SA Porn Industry Struggle

Gweru - As the economic woes mount, so does the number of opportunists for scammers to swindle Zimbabweans of their hard-earned money. Rec...

Gweru - As the economic woes mount, so does the number of opportunists for scammers to swindle Zimbabweans of their hard-earned money.

Recently Gweru residents were duped after falling for a scam which promised them roles in por_n movies and a handsome payoff.

According to a source, the so-called auditions were advertised via Whatsapp and the residents fell hook, line and sinker for the scam. 

All they had to do was a pay $10 for registration. Many hopefuls ‘applied’ for this role and were instructed to call a number to confirm whether they had been approved for the role.

To their dismay the call was answered by a confused man who professed his ignorance. The man went in as far as suggesting that his number had been used as part of the scam and several people were blowing up his phone inquiring about po_rn film roles which he knew nothing about. 
Adult Movies are Struggling in SA 

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Cape Town and Johannesburg porn “industries” have been gutted by piracy and the boom of online content. Over the past decade, sales of DVDs have dropped by as much as 90 percent, distributors say.

And while there is a huge demand for local content, nobody wants to take the risk of bankrolling expensive films that will only have a few thousand sales because most of the buyers are picking up pirate copies.

The future does not lie with an industry anymore, it’s with thousands of people shooting their own content at home and uploading it to the net, say experts. It’s a harsh reality for Cape Town, and the rest of the country, which was on the cusp of breaking through in 2011.

At the time, film-makers were quoted saying the local porn industry was generating as much as R300-million a year. One of these directors was Tau Morena who told the Cape Argus that while porn was still a lucrative investment, the focus had changed.

“I have 1 000 actors, actresses and models who are willing to participate,” he said. “But the challenge is we haven’t found an innovative way to bring the product to market in a sustainable way so that everyone involved can make a decent income.”

Classifying Cape Town and Joburg’s porn “industry” is a difficult task. At most, there are only 50 titles, spread over at least a decade, which have officially been shot and distributed in the country.

When compared to overseas power-houses such as Los Angeles, which in 2011 was producing an estimated 5 000 adult films, South Africa is barely a contender. And those were only the ones shot legally. - Online Sources

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