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Ambrose Mutinhiri: Robert Mugabe 'Anoints Successor'

Harare - Retired army general, Amborse Mutinhiri has been endorsed as ousted president Robert Mugabe 'chosen heir', as events of th...

Harare - Retired army general, Amborse Mutinhiri has been endorsed as ousted president Robert Mugabe 'chosen heir', as events of the November 27 coup return to haunt the main players. 

Under the new banner called, New Patriotic Front (NPF) - the G40 cabal has resurfaced to make a bold statement opposing Emmerson Mnangagwa's rise to the throne.

Main players in the NPF project are rumoured to be Walter Mzembi and Jappy Jaboon, Makhosini Hlongwane, Simbaneuta Mudarikwa, Edgar Mbwembwe and Beatrice Nyamupinga.

Mutinhiri and others visited Mugabe at his Blue Roof residence, confirming their intentions to launch a counter during the forthcoming 2018 elections.

Eunice Sandi Moyo, who ironically was haunted out of Zanu-PF’s Women’s League by Grace Mugabe, is understood to be the outfit’s proxy in Matabeleland.
Robert Mugabe Anoints Successor 

“On Thursday last week, Mutinhiri had a meeting with the former president (Robert Mugabe) and the former First Lady at their Blue Roof (residence) at which the issue of launching the National Patriotic Front was the subject matter.

“And the fact that he was invited to the Blue Roof meant obviously that the former president and his wife are part and parcel of the New Patriotic Front, which means they have been working in cahoots with Jonathan (Moyo), (Patrick) Zhuwao and (Saviour) Kasukuwere in order to rescue their G40 project,” said an unnamed source quoted by the Herald.

In a press statement, NPF spelt out its intentions to the nation.  

“Cde Mutinhiri is the Founding President and Presidential Candidate of the National Patriotic Front (NPF), whose formation was initiated on 19 November 2017 in direct response to the military coup four days earlier, and has come into fruition following an extensive private and public consultation process by its founding members.

“The purpose of the courtesy call was to appraise. President Mugabe of Cde Mutinhiri’s bold and inspiring resignation as well as to thank the President for having afforded Cde Mutinhiri a cherished opportunity to work with and under him in various national capacities,” the statement pronounced.  

The new party confirmed the meeting between the former president and Mutinhiri.

“Cde Mutinhiri told President Mugabe that the result of all this is that there’s no constitutional order in Zimbabwe today and that the government created by the coup is unlawful and illegitimate at national and international law and that, for these reasons.”

Meanwhile, the battle for the youths in the upcoming plebiscite gathers momentum, with NPF garnering for their votes as they constitutes 60 percent of registered voters.

“I hope your NPF party will empower the youths to takeover. Don’t oppress them; make sure they are not harassed. I know they will be harassed and some arrested but empower them mentally to fight for what is right,” Mugabe is reported to have urged. 

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