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ZRP to ZPS: Zimbabwe Police to Rebrand

Harare - The government has finally amended the Police Act in line with the Zimbabwean constitution. After the changes, the Zimbabwe Repu...

Harare - The government has finally amended the Police Act in line with the Zimbabwean constitution.

After the changes, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) will be re-named the Zimbabwe Police Service (ZPS), among other changes.

According to state media, this was one of the resolutions of a recent cabinet sitting at Munhumutapa offices in Harare. The move is expected to establish a professional police responsive to the needs of the society.

“The new Police Act is different from the Public Order Security Act (POSA) Amendment in that it strictly looks at ways of reforming the police force in the way it serves its purpose. 

For example, it deals with conforming to the strict bail conditions of not holding a suspect for more than 48 hours in a holding cell,” Home Affairs Minister Cain Mathema said.
ZRP will be Re-named as ZPS

The police force was created by Cecil John Rhodes's Pioneers when he was the Prime Minister of the Cape Colony. Since Cecil John Rhodes had accumulated much wealth through Diamond and Gold mining.

He decided to invade the land between Limpopo and Zambezi rivers with a view to acquire more wealth. 

In July 1890, he recruited and trained 200 men, which became the British South Africa Company Police. The ruthless unsympathetic attitude of Rhodes towards the lives of the blacks strongly influenced the historical trend of the police force.

The historic analysis of the occupation of Zimbabwe by the imperialists represented by the ambitious Cecil John Rhodes cannot be complete without talking about the Police. 

The police by then was called the British South Africa Company Police [BSACP], which was established after the signing of the Rudd Concession and the subsequent granting of the Royal Charter by the British Government in 1889. 

William Bodle who became the Commissioner in 1903 mooted the idea of the police in 1889. Lieutenant Colonel Penne Father led the Pioneer column into this country in 1890.

The column had over 500 strong policemen who acted as military escort for the settlers. The police was deployed into troop systems that is, Troop up to Troop, while Fredrick Courtney Selous led the advance party. 

The tenure of Colonel Penne Father lasted until 1892 and Chief Commissioner, Charles White, succeeded him.

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