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Slick Pastor: A Comedian with a Difference

The Slick Pastor is a flexible character. “The Slick Pastor, is a comedian, digital marketer,” he described himself. “Growing up, I was insp...

The Slick Pastor is a flexible character. “The Slick Pastor, is a comedian, digital marketer,” he described himself.

“Growing up, I was inspired by the media, arts and acting. I am following what I love. I must contribute to humanity and fulfil my purpose in life.”

By @Comic24Derick

Quizzed about his working routine, he said: “I don’t sit down and look at what as trending but that what I am. It is hard to pick out and draw a line but things happen spontaneously. We started with comic Friday but later on, brought in the suit and became a trademark in my skits.”

He discovered his passion while in school. “When I was in school was trying to balance in school and trying to find my passion. The love that I have for what I do will overlook the challenges that I face,” said the comedian.

The Slick Pastor says there is no right way to overcome solutions. “There is no right formula or solution to overcome challenges but for me, it was my desire. When you love and love what you love those things (challenges) become irrelevant.”
The Slick Pastor 
Though his fame is rising steeply, he is learning to manage his talent. “Not to squeeze everyday into one moment and take every single day as it comes. My favourite may be associated with the thoughts and intention associated with that.”

And his gift has opened doors for him, attracting sponsors to his skits. “My inspiration videos opened doors and connections for me,” said the comedian, real name Nigel Maritinyu.

The character is a comedian with a difference. Besides making you laugh, he is a motivational speaker, a stand-up comedian and an exquisite presenter. In short, he delivers diverse, intelligent content to his followers.

True to his stage name, the Slick Pastor is a smooth operator. Some of his inspirational videos have become popular with his followers, offering them a ray of hope in a time of challenges.

“The work that I do is a representation of my personality, making people laugh and I believe in the edification and building others and equipping your mind to become a better person. That is why you see a mixture of humour and inspiration,” he said in 2018.

Besides bombarding his fans with social jibes, his fans appreciate his intelligent presentation and how he interrogates the social fabric through his eloquent speeches and versatile personality.

“I would like to be remembered as one who led people to know God, spreading love and light. People are going through a lot in life, such as stress and other challenges,” he said when asked how he would like to be remembered.

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