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Easy: Gemma Griffiths, Sauti Sol Collaboration a Gem

Rising Zimbabwean Afropop musician, Gemma Griffiths has released a remix of “Easy”, featuring Chimano of Kenyan Afropop ensemble, Sauti Sol...

Rising Zimbabwean Afropop musician, Gemma Griffiths has released a remix of “Easy”, featuring Chimano of Kenyan Afropop ensemble, Sauti Sol.

The action-bursting video shot in the background of sprawling Kenya’s decrepit location was aptly directed by Gemma and KG Brian, while the song was produced by Charlie Kay.

By @Comic24Derick

The song is part of Gemma’s continental journey which took her across Africa to tap into the rich reserve of creativity. “It was all a creative blur,” Gemma told the Herald.

“I was in Kenya, spending some time with Sauti Sol and the idea just arose to do a remix of ‘Easy’. I asked Chimano if he would be keen and we recorded the next day.”

Having worked as an independent artist before, Gemma says she now marvels in collaborations with other musicians. Arguably, the partnerships have showcased her ability.

“I have been working for a number of years as an independent artist. The journey has been a huge learning curve and I’m grateful to have had the support network around me, including my creative director Marc Neilson and Charlie Kay, my producer, and close music confidante.” 
Gemma Griffiths and Willis Austin Chimano of Sauti Sol
Her journey, she says has humbled her. “I am both humbled and excited to begin the next part of my journey under the management of Africa Creative Agency. They already feel like home to me, and to join a brilliant family of artists, writers and producers still feels like a dream.

Gemma glossed Chimano’s professionalism. “Working with Chimano was such a vibe. He really is an amazing artist and such a warm person. He is just what the record needed. I am excited for everyone to hear the Easy Remix-Kenya edition.”

Chimano said it was an honour to do a remix with Gemma. “Working with Gemma was really amazing, she is so easy, so chilled, so precise and she knows what she wants.” Willis Austin Chimano is known as a vocalist, keytar and saxophone player. His deep voice and flamboyant style make him stand out in the group.

“She is an amazing songwriter and I was honoured and felt amazing that she asked me to be on the remix of this song. It’s an amazing song and shooting the video with her was so good and seeing how she organised everything together in such a short space of time was so wonderful,” he said.

Gemma is not new to collaborations. Her previous alliance with Winky D has garnered more than 5.7 million views to date. Further, she has linked with Nutty O, Aspah, Freeman and Amara Brown among other local and international artists.

The singer’s ability to shift into local Shona vernacular with ease has recruited followers, considering that she is white. Her exploits remind listeners of the late Jonny Glegg “The White Zulu”, who made a name for himself singing in Zulu language.

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