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Not Joking: Anne Kansiime Collapses Back Stage

Uganda's queen of comedy, Anne Kansiime, lost consciousness back stage in Harare after an excellent show at the Let’s Laugh Again comed...

Uganda's queen of comedy, Anne Kansiime, lost consciousness back stage in Harare after an excellent show at the Let’s Laugh Again comedy show. 

Although Kansiime later regained consciousness, her lapse torched chaotic scenes as overzealous bouncers and her manager, Johnson Mujungu, tried to bar the media from capturing the incident.

Three local bouncers, under Mujungu’s directive, forced a photo journalist to delete all the images he had shot and manhandled this reporter and ordered him to vacate the back stage.

“Why are you taking photos when someone is like this? Can I have that camera now, delete all the photos you have taken, this is uncalled for and shows lack of professionalism,” fumed Mujungu.
'Pregnant', Anne Kansiime Collapsed in Harare  

“I do not want to see any of those pictures published and if they are published you will not see Anne again performing in Zimbabwe. I need those photos to be deleted now.”

During her performance, Kansiime, however, proved why she is referred to as Africa’s queen of comedy with a rib-cracking show during which she showed her versatility as an actor, entertainer, singer and dancer.

She sent the audience into a frenzy with her grand entry onto the stage after 10pm as she danced to Ammara Brown featuring Tytan’s hit song Mukoko, showcasing well-choreographed dance routines.

The Ugandan then kept thousands of people who turned out for the concert laughing with her jokes derived from current issues in Zimbabwe.

“The last time when I came here it was a full house and today mmmm, this is a foolish house,” she said, much to the amusement of the audience.

She poked fun at women who used skin-lightening creams: “When I came here last time I said you were beautiful, but today you have become too beautiful, what are you using to become lighter?” 

Controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo, was not spared the jibes either. “I heard someone was supposed to buy a drink for everyone here. I heard it’s Sir Weakness who was supposed to buy all of you drinks,” she said.

Kansiime said God made the businessman rich because, given his chubby figure, he would not have looked good while poverty-stricken. She tore into the Mighty Warriors following their miserable performance at the on-going Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

Kansiime questioned local fans’ continued support for the team despite its humiliating 6-1 at the hands of the Germans in the Group F opening match. She then turned the heat on local rapper Stunner whose car rammed into four vehicles parked along Jason Moyo Avenue in Harare in June, leaving one person injured.

“I read these things in the papers, how is he, Stunner, my friend? Is he fine,” she said, directing the question to his ex and socialite, Pokello Nare, who was part of the audience.

She wrapped off her set with a song she said she penned for her mother and invited all the supporting artistes among them Sylent Nqo, versatile beat boxer Probeatz, Baba Shupi and Mudiwa “Hood” Mtandwa to join her on the stage.

After her performance, Kansiime later took to social network Twitter to express gratitude to her local fans for coming in their numbers.

In her set she also satirically attributed the ouster of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru from Zanu PF, cash shortages and the coming of bond notes to Grace Mugabe’s entry into politics.

“You know what, the United States of America dollar is associated with God. It is written, ‘In God we Trust’, and it is only available where there is peace and if there is no peace, it disappears. Very soon all of us can be millionaires when the bond paper, oh, I mean bond notes come,” she said.

“I am just wondering, so if the United States of America dollar is written ‘In God We Trust’, what will be written on the bond notes, maybe. - Newsday/Online Sources 

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