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'Briefcase Tenderprenuer': Not Yet Uhuru for Wicknell Chivayo

Harare – Mysterious entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo’s bid to have his stalled multimillion solar project disappear from the prying eyes of th...

Harare – Mysterious entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo’s bid to have his stalled multimillion solar project disappear from the prying eyes of the concerned public has hit a snag after the National Economic Conduct Inspectorate (NECI) has requested documents from his company – Intratrek Zimbabwe (Pvt.) Ltd.

Chivayo has been embroiled in a controversial deal after he was awarded a $200 million solar tender, and later an advancement of $5 million which was not approved.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
The letter dated 7 December, 2017 requested the following: contracts entered with Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) and bank statements.

In addition, Intratrek must avail cash books and other documents pertaining to the dragging Gwanda Solar Project and Munyati Power Station

 The NECI is mandated to carry out compliance checks on companies, through unfair business practices such as externalization.   
Wicknell Chivayo with President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Chivayo who has penchant of interacting with the rich and famous – particularly politicians was reportedly questioned over his spooky briefcase company Intratrek operations.

His allegiance dislodged first family was not a secret, however after Mugabe’s departure – he was quick to switch loyalty to the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

After local media splashed news of his arrest, the motormouth businessman jeered his attackers on social media.

“The one day i decide to go hunting for a day, i come back and the whole country is celebrating my supposed arrest. WHY SO MUCH HATRED??? Why would you celebrate someone else's demise?

“That's why GOD doesn't bless you MUCHAFA MUCHI TAMBURA....Listen to my interview this morning i have one or two things you need to learn,” wrote Chivayo on Facebook.

Earlier on he had mentioned that he was not scared to go to jail because prisons were built for humans.

Commenting on the letter, Hopwell Chin'ono believes Chivayo is still under the radar.

“Wicknell is not out of the woods. The authorities are playing a long game requesting bank statements that will definitely implicate a ton of other big wigs. They obviously know what’s on those bank statements. Restore legacy is not over in my view, it has simply changed strategy,” said the writer. 

However, some people have come to Chivayo’s defence regarding the stalled solar project.

“My point in explaining the above is that before an EPC firm commences implementation of the project, there is normally a requirement of 20% of the project that is required upfront before other financiers chip in.

“This means despite the project being split in phases, the Government must have a fund of ie 50 Mil ready to deposit the projects,” wrote a sympethiser on Chivayo’s Facebook wall.

The author added: “So the long and short of the issue is at this moment in time INTRATEK has not breached the contract...because their anticipated deposit has not been paid. This 100MW project is part of the Mega deals and is thus a very sensitive issue.”

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